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Adelphic Is Proud to Announce a New Approach to Cross-Channel Advertising

August 17, 2016 | By

Adelphic’s VP of Product, Yael Avidan, provides an overview of Adelphic’s new cross-channel solution.  Understanding consumers’ device usage is beneficial, but understanding consumers’ behaviors across multiple channels, in addition to the devices used, provides much richer data to power campaigns. This is what comprises our proprietary data set, which we refer to as our Behavior… Read more »

Looking for a Cross-Device Solution? 3 Questions Ad Buyers Should Ask

August 17, 2016 | By

Adelphic’s Director of Product, Dr. Justin Pniower, lends his perspective on 3 questions media buyers should ask about cross-device advertising.   Ad buyers have grown accustomed to siloed campaign strategies – separate budgets for mobile, desktop and television. But an audience-based approach executed across the devices of a consumer can be a powerful tool, allowing you… Read more »

Case Study: Adelphic, Cadreon and Factual Drive 26.5% Lift in BMW Dealership Visits through Mobile Advertising

January 25, 2016 | By

BMW wanted to use mobile advertising to drive more potential consumers to dealerships to push greater sales. Their target consumers were identified as being people in a high income bracket and in the market for a luxury vehicle. To see the full case study illustrating how Cadreon used Adelphic’s platform, with insights from Factual, to increase foot traffic… Read more »

Holiday Season Mobile Advertising Best Practices

December 7, 2015 | By

Thanksgiving is behind us and the holiday shopping season is here. Your mobile campaigns need to be firing on all cylinders in order to make an impact on consumers. At the same time, increased bidding activity means more competitive programmatic auctions and scarcity of quality inventory. As we prepare to welcome 2016, Adelphic account managers… Read more »

Case Study: Adelphic’s Mobile DSP Increases Traffic to Hard Rock Cafe by 220%

October 23, 2015 | By

Recently, Adelphic’s mobile DSP was used by Fearless Agency to increase visits to Hard Rock Cafe locations and improve awareness of their World Burger Tour. What follows is a case study illustrating how Adelphic’s platform, with insights and attribution from data partners Neustar and Placed, was leveraged to increase in-store visits by 220 percent.   

Real-Time Banter: Adelphic Talks Mobile Advertising with MoPub

September 29, 2015 | By

This edition of Real-Time Banter features a talk about the state of mobile advertising with Janae McDonough, the senior director of MoPub, the world’s leading ad server for mobile application publishers. Janae was interviewed by Adelphic’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jennifer Lum.  Jennifer: What is MoPub? Janae: The best way to think about MoPub is in… Read more »

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